At Marlborough Boys' College we offer an extensive sporting program. It is widely acknowledged that involvement in sporting activities help to develop a commitment to personal responsibility, school and the wider community. The colleges dedication to participation in sport also presents opportunities for close involvement with parents and the wider Marlborough community.

A large number of different sporting activities, both team and individual, are offered to students including:

  • Athletics
    • Hockey
      • Ski Club (Snow)
        • Touch Rugby
          • Badminton
            • Lawn Bowls
              • Small Bore Shooting
                • Triathlon
                  • Basketball
                    • Motorcycle Club
                      • Soccer
                        • Underwater Hockey
                          • Clay Bird Shooting
                            • Mountain Biking
                              • Squash
                                • Volleyball
                                  • Cricket
                                    • Multisports
                                      • Swimming
                                        • Weight Training
                                          • Cross Country
                                            • Petanque
                                              • Table Tennis
                                                    • Cycling
                                                      • Rowing
                                                        • Team Sailing
                                                              • Golf
                                                              • Rugby
                                                              • Tennis


                                                                Note: These activities may vary from year to year.

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