About Us

At Marlborough Boy's College we are committed to providing educational programmes, which meet the needs of our students. Our work both inside and outside the classroom is focused on creating and maintaining an effective learning community.

The College motto, Virtutem Doctrina Parat, provides us with a focus for our endeavours. We set out to make every member of our learning community a leader of their own lives, able to take responsibility for their own actions and equipped to make a positive impact on their world.

We continuously search for ways to meet that demanding goal for the benefit of every member of our community.

Marlborough Boys' College has met the quality assurance requirements of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. Indeed we have gone far beyond that. In 1994 we sought and gained certification to the ISO 9001 standard for the Design and Delivery of Education Programmes. Our aim in doing that was to provide the best possible educational opportunities for all who participate in the programmes which we design.

Marlborough Boys' College has:

A large computerised library

Modern computer suites and a new performing and visual arts centre

Well equipped modern science laboratories

Internationally acclaimed music department

Swimming pool and weights room

Fully equipped graphic design and engineering department

Extensive playing fields, squash courts, hockey turf and sports pavilion

Unique mountain lodge for outdoor education

A modern gymnasium

The College is fortunate with its location. Blenheim is the main town of the gourmet and adventure paradise that is Marlborough, New Zealand. The area is blessed with long sunshine hours and low rainfall. The Wairau Valley is one of the world's leading wine producing, cherry and apple orchard areas. The Rainbow Skifield and the Lake Rotoiti National Park area provide breathtaking scenery, the ideal setting for an adventure in the outdoors. The rivers of this beautiful province provide trout fishing second to none. It is, says Principal Wayne Hegarty, a wonderful place to live, and to be educated in.

It provides an ideal environment for young men to develop the confidence, self-esteem, knowledge, skills and responsibility to take an effective lead in their own lives and their community.

We have a few simple rules outlined in our Code of Behaviour:

Learn to lead
Act positively
Choose wisely
Take responsibility

Responsibility For The College Community

Co-operate - follow the rules and requirements of the school.
Look after the environment - prevent littering and vandalism.
Look good - keep neat and in correct uniform.
Be healthy - keep out alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Eat sensibly.
Get on with others - treat people well. Stop harassment and theft.

Responsibility For Classroom Learning:

Co-operate - follow teacher or group directions.

Be organised - get to class on time, with gear.

Be considerate - don't distract or annoy others.

Get results - stay on task and get work finished.

Get on with others - be polite and positive